"Monokino and the full throttle psych garage rock "Baby" has got a lead foot and jamming guitars." - American Pancake  // "It’s a sort of magic, really, one that derives from possessing both an insatiably primal dance juggernaut of a beat in stride with razor-sharp production values, and we’re here today to bring you exactly one such insta-classic." - StereoEmbers // ‘Baby’ itself is a heart-pounding stomper, provoking images of a high-speed chase a la Ryan Gosling’s Drive — think 90s garage psych meets 80s art-rock, drenched in fuzz and exploding in synthetic sound." - Psychedelic Baby // "Engagingly idiosyncratic modern pop, with brand new tune Baby accompanied by the aptly striking, retro-futuristic ASCII-composed lyric video." - Glide // "Extremely catchy" - Frankie Francis – Amazing Radio  // 35 french radio feature - Novorama // "No brakes, no breaks for this blistering bolide. Hair in the wind, foot on the pedal, going nowhere fast. Oh yeah, baby! Hungry guitars, Idolesque vocals, magnetic melody. Don’t look sad if you’re alone at home, you can dance with yourself to this pick-me-up thrill" - Turn up the Volume