"If Adam Curtis made music instead of documentaries Monokino would be the sound / This is music that defies genre, it is pure, raw, and magnificent." - Yack Magazine 
UK Artist of the week: “Monokino's latest release “Your Underground” is a woozy fusion of alternative-rock and off-kilter electronics that certainly deserves your attention.” - The Vinyl District 
"Dutch musician Monokino takes the electronic-tinged genre of hyperpop in bold new directions." - MXDWN

“Opening with a majestic choir of synths and harmonies, the song quickly dives into a dancefloor beat, complete with pulsing bass, electrowave textures, and rapid fire lyricism. Simultaneously cathartic and energetic, you could imagine “Your Underground” pulsing from the depths of a grungey basement rave." - Vents Magazine 
“Monokino talks to us about Kraftwerk, Kooning, kitsch and creative control over his career. The machine gun lead, hyper-drive beat scores Monokino's layered vocal through an atmospheric and arresting track.” - Contact Music
“A breathless, whirl of soundscapes and incessant sampled beats. Monokino takes no prisoners as electro is formidably melded with rock-style guitar; relentlessly dark, consistently moody.” -  Fortitude Magazine
"Incredibly original" - Northern Transmissions