recently released 3 new songs, and the latest
'Bend or Break' 
is out now
Listen here / Music Video here

In the UK Janice Long has been spinning the track on BBC radio and NCB, the 'trust the doc show' on exilefm and many more played the track as well. In The Netherlands Kinkfm and Pinguin Radio premiered the song. It's been added to the Feb 2021 favorite tunes lists and lots of placements in playlists.
Faultline wrote: "With Monokino being described as an odd/pop composer I felt the eyebrow begin rise and meet the furrowed brow. Oh joy one of those avant garde types that makes noise but has no intrinsic merit whatsoever. I was wrong. Utterly. There is an undercurrent that you’re at some sort of trippy house party or have perhaps overindulged in a way you wouldn’t wish to repeat. The “in the round” vocals add to the helter skelter vibe and cut across the guitar which comes in and out like a bad influence pulling at your arm. A musical venture with a salient point that’s actually worth listening to. "
The video was premiered on the Happy People music blog and they said: "Amorphous and mercurial, its snaking rhythms wind around low-slung latino hooks that refuse to be pinned-down. Atonal chords stretch into wiry solos that burn bright, then disconnect." 
"Bend Or Break est un mélange de mélodies obsédantes et une esthétique quirappelle les années 80, la New Wave et un peu Lynch." Direct Actu 
There's an interview with the Fountain from Scotland that also talks about the shows Monokino organizes in Amsterdam and Indie Criollo from Ecuador wrote this

Bend Or Break” details the story of how people  can become consumed by misinformation and the range of methods news is provided, and ultimately how this can create a warped outlook” Postcards from the underground - "We were paused in our listening tracks when we put on this inventive little number. A bit like when Siouxie and the Banshees started writing radio hits - all we can say is listen to it and prepare to dig it.” Postcard Elba - Music on the Moon wrote: "Love the lead vocal performance, love the sound of the overdrive guitars behind those vocals with that live thumping kit sound."
We were struck by the brilliant ‘Bend or Break‘ he brought out this month. "See lockdown/curfew version for music blog 'Backseat Mafiahere

and China's Weibo (Twitter) shared the music video and there's a featured article here