about 'No Return'
"An out-of-the-ordinary single: “No Return” is a great proof that true artists’ inspiration’s never fades away - Monokino releases one of his strongest and most meticulously produced songs so far." Nuevo Culture 
“No Return” is a magical electro-pop and baroque fusion set to spark mass appreciation among both mainstream music lovers and connoisseurs of the genre, while helping cement the rise of Monokino’s status as a major act in 2020’s music scene." Vents Magazine
"This electronic, baroque and pop fusion is a mysterious and beautiful crossgenre single that once again showcases Monokino’s strong penchant for bittersweet melodies and atmospheres." New Hit Singles
"I deduce that unlike many of his contemporaries, this is not a man much concerned with fitting in. No return is an interestingly crafted tune sung in Mandarin Chinese. The song features vocals that seem to float into the ether, spacious violin sounds, Eastern musical motifs, and even an aggressive sounding synth that makes a brief stop in the song’s break." Alt77
"Indie pop in Chinese is exactly the exotic thing I've been missing, and it just sounds beautiful." (translated from Russian) Mishka DJ
"This is a very powerful and unique composition, that blends the likeness of pop and alternative together. The melody evolves as the track proceeds, introducing a whole orchestra while the vocals are absent! Speaking of the vocals- they are light and reverberated, painting a vivid narrative thanks to their rich and powerful lyricism. The drum pattern sustains the momentum of the track perfectly and adds a whole lot of flavor to the track." Freshoutofthebooth
"This is a full on display of musical entertainment and craftsmanship. With such strong musical play, the track really is topped off with ambient and reverbed vocals that glide elegantly from start to finish that are captivating and soothing. We admire any artist that finds their own unique sound and style, and master that to perfection." Straight Bread Magazine
"The sweeping orchestral sound mixes strings, acoustic and electronic percussion, and numerous melodic Asian elements. It is a wildly creative and immersive sound. Through the last verse of the song, the track’s various components all come together for a massive and emotional Chamber-Pop crescendo." Static Dive
 "Monokino is releasing an incredibly original track titled “No Return.” He has concocted a savvy blend of electronica, pop, rock, and baroque-inspired sonorities that act as the perfect sonic structure for him to layer his vocals, in Mandarin!"  Groovy Tracks
"The Dutch band Monokino followed up on their latest release and accompanied it with an intriguing and captivating music video. The visuals display cuts that refer to Asian culture and the track’s narrative. The music video for ‘No Return’ is filled with symbolism and easter eggs that reflect on Monokino’s heritage. The outstanding video was shot in Nanjing, China by the artist Defineme who channeled the vibe and story standing behind the track." Pop Spotlight​​​​​​​
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